Our Designs

Our Designs

Weenie Chic offers designer clothing and accessories for all dachshund breeds. We love our Wiener dogs and want them to be safe from the elements while also looking stylish. Our range of designs includes anything that you and your furry friend may want.

Clothing Sizes

Our designs come in different sizes. It is important to make sure that your dog is comfortable in his or her outfit and that it fits perfectly. To ensure a perfect fit, allow Weenie Chic to do the measurements. You can do it yourself as well, but be sure to take accurate measurements.

Our sizes are:

Extra Small – Length of 12” to 13” and Girth of 14” to 15.5”
Small – Length of 13” to 14” and Girth of 15” to 16”
Medium – Length of 15” to 16” and Girth of 17 to 18.5”
Large – Length of 17” to 18: and Girth of 19” to 21”
Extra Large – Length of 19” to 20” and Girth of 21” to 23”

Clothing and Accessories

All items are available in ready-made designs. Clients can request customized designs, but costs will be different from these indicated below. Prices depend on the size of the item.


Winter sweaters of fleece (single and double coated) $25 to $30
Summer suits of suitable materials $20 to $25


A variety of pyjama designs are available for both the cold and warm seasons $25 to $30


Different options of material, color, and size $40
Raincoats $45
Collars $10 to $20
Leashes $15 to $35
Harnesses $20 to $40
Booties (set of 4) $20
Designer beds $50 to $150

For more information about our designs or to make an appointment for measurement and customized designs, contact us today at support@weeniechic.com.