Author : Michael Williams

Things to Consider Before You Decide to Dress Your Dog

Opinions vary when it comes to dressing up dogs. Some people are all for it and others think it is cruel and should be avoided. Both sides may have good points but in the end the deciding factor should be your dog. You will know if your dog enjoys being dressed up and the extra attention that goes with it. If he or she does not enjoy it, you should probably stop dressing them up. Let’s have a look at reasons why people dress up their dogs and some other related facts.

Good Reasons to Dress Your Dog

Protection Against the Elements

The one good reason to dress a dog is to keep him warm. It is important that you learn more about your dog and their fur coats. Some animals cannot stand the cold or heat depending on their fur. Make sure that you don’t dress dogs like huskies with extra clothing. They have double coats and are well-suited to colder weather. However, your chihuahua will benefit from a jersey in cold weather.

Soothing Anxious Dogs

Anxiety vests were designed to help calm and soothe anxious dogs. These vests are especially helpful during thunderstorms and fireworks. A vest that fits well will comfort the dog and make him feel less anxious.

Things to Consider

If you decide to dress your dog for whatever reason, it is important to make sure that the clothes you choose fit well and are made of the right materials. Consider these things:

The type of material – The material should fit the purpose of the clothing and should be comfortable. Avoid materials that cause itching or rashes. You won’t use the same material for a jersey as you would for socks or booties as they need to be durable and waterproof.

The fit – Always measure your dog before buying clothes or having anything made. It is important that clothing don’t sit too tight or too loose. It should be comfortable.

The golden rule for dressing your dog is to pay attention what he likes and wants. Don’t force clothing on your dog if he doesn’t like it.…

Interesting Facts About Dachshunds

Dachshunds are very interesting dogs and have a long history as hunting dogs and they even made an appearance in WWI.

There are two categories of dachshund. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes two different categories of dachshund: standard and miniature. Within these two categories, there are different coat colors and types.

Dachshunds are great watch dogs. They will start barking alarm when a stranger is at the door or walking past your house. They are very alert and make great watch dogs.

World War I made the dachshund breed unpopular. Today, dachshunds are on the top 10 list of most popular dogs, but during WWI, they were very unpopular. They became so unpopular because they became the icon of anti-German propaganda. It took a very long while for them to recover, but they are once again popular and loved.

Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt badgers. The name ‘dachshund’ means ‘badger dog’ in German. The interesting body shape of the wiener dog was bred that way to allow them easy and fast access and exit from badger homes.

Dachshunds are the smallest hunting dogs. They may not be the smallest dog breed, but they are the smallest breed that is used for hunting and they is really good at it. They should not be underestimated because of their size as they can be very scrappy and are excellent small game hunters.

The rich, famous, and royal all love dachshunds. Many famous actors and writers love dachshunds and even the royals enjoy their company. A few examples of famous and royal owners and lovers of dachshunds include Queen Elizabeth, Andy Warhol, EB White, and Pablo Picasso.

A dachshund was the mascot of the Olympics in Munich. The 1972 Olympics that took place in Munich used a dachshund as their mascot.

Dachshunds have been around for many years and many people love this short and small breed. Whether they are hunting companions, watch dogs, or just furry companions, they are loved by many.…

10 Things About Dachshunds That Only Their Owners Will Understand

Doxies, Wiener Dogs, Dachshunds, Sausages – no matter what you call them, we love them. The dachshund breed offer their owners many hilarious and weird moments and we absolutely adore them. There are a few things that only dachshund owners can understand about these long, odd-shaped dogs. They were originally bred to hunt badgers and still have those instincts, but for most owners today, they are just wonderful companions and family members.

A few things only dachshund parents will understand:

They never stop talking. Dachshunds make noises, barks, talks, whatever you want to call it, non-stop. They are always busy saying something or making alarm.

They are not the best listeners. Teaching a dachshund commands can be a tough, if not impossible, project. Wiener dogs have a mind of their own and often very selective listening.

Their short legs are very fast. It is a mistake to think that Wiener dogs are slow because of their short legs and small size. They can actually run very fast. It may be because of the hunter in their blood.

They can also jump higher than you would expect. Dachshunds like to jump over things and again, their short little legs are definitely not a drawback as you would expect. They can be professional hurdle athletes.

They will dig anything. No matter if it is a pillow, a pot plant, your flowerbeds, or even the carpet, they will try and dig and succeed. All dachshund owners have probably given up a lawn or couch or pillows because their Doxie decided to dig for something.

They are extremely stubborn. Many dog and cat owners talk to their pets, but not all of them may argue about a pillow. When it comes to dachshunds, owners will wholeheartedly agree that they are the most stubborn pets. Most owners will have found themselves in an argument with their Doxie about getting a pillow back or maybe a blanket.

They are burrowers. Dachshunds love to wriggle and burrow into anything that they can find. Couches, pillows, sweaters, or blankets may just hold a surprise if you don’t look carefully.

They don’t really enjoy leashes. Don’t misunderstand, they like walking and they can walk just fine on a leash. However, they just choose not to when they don’t feel like it. Attempting going for a walk with a dachshund has created many hilarious and unforgettable moments for many owners.

They are one-track minded when it comes to food. Most dachshund owners will agree that when it comes to food, their dog will eat anything and it is pretty much all they think about.

They are excellent actors/liars. They will win the Oscar for best actor every time they did something wrong. It is truly amazing how well they can pretend.

Dachshunds are some of the greatest dog companions you will ever have. They are loyal, loving, and they love snuggling. No matter the stubbornness, the stinky farts, the garden and pillow destruction, and the constant noise, they are wonderful pets. Once you have become a Wiener dog owner, you will never go back.