Welcome to Weenie Chic – Fashion for your Wiener dog!

At Weenie Chic, we believe that all dachshunds should be warm and fashionable if they choose so. We offer a large range of clothing items for dachshunds that are both practical and beautiful. You will find designs for summer and winter and also some accessories for any season.

Our designer and owner is Michael Williams and he designs all the accessories, sweaters, halters, etc. He has been a designer for more than 15 years and decided 6 years ago he wants to create a line for dachshunds. He started Weenie Chic 5 years ago and built it up to the amazing business it is today. We have grown and expanded in the last few years and will soon add a brand-new line.

Wiener dogs or dachshunds have a unique build and most general or commercial clothing do not fit them well. This is one of the reasons why Michael decided to start a line for them. That and the fact that he is the proud parent of three Wiener dogs who are all very fashionable. The designs take into account the long bodies and short legs.

Categories of Designs


Our designs include sweaters of different sizes and materials. Some are made specifically for winter and others for summer. Different materials are used.


Fun pyjama designs that will keep your dog warm and comfortable during the night.


Different options of material, color, and size. These are great for going for a walk. We also have raincoats available.


You will find different kinds of accessories at Weenie Chic ranging from collars, leashes, harnesses, booties, and even designer beds.

These and more available from Weenie Chic. Visit the OUR DESIGNS page to see what we have to offer.